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Your Future Begins at HIT

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Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) is proud to establish a new Innovation Center – FUTURE HIT, whose vision is to create a multidisciplinary entrepreneurial culture on campus and to become the heart of innovation in the city of Holon.

הרעיון שלך. בחממה שלנו.
We created a Home
for your Idea

HandZone is an Applicable Entrepreneurship Program aimed to connects academic and entrepreneurial entities, in order to create Go-to-Market ventures.

The six-month program, created for early-stage ventures (from idea to design).

Each round gives the opportunity to 5 selected startups to reach from Ideation to MVP.

The program will include hands-on education, along with mentorship sessions and key business partners to support the selected teams

First, we will connect the Israeli cutting edge technology with extraordinary design abilities to the health, wellness, and sports industries, that are seeking disruption. 

We believe that well-designed products combined with relevant advanced technology, with change the why people consume wellness & health.

היתרונות שלך
What’s in it for you?

Accompanying and training by our academic staff from various faculties & departments to ensure a broad development infrastructure and vast knowledge.

Working with experienced entrepreneurs who will go with you hand in hand through the unknown journey.


1:1 Mentoring will make your dream achievable.


Access to relevant business partners and companies that will help create quality networking.


Meetings with experts in the areas of strategy, marketing, user experience, regulation, and recruitment to make sure you take everything into consideration.


learning by doing, which allows you to acquire practical experience and deep water from the very first moment.

המיזם שלך. הקשרים שלנו
“Eventually everything connects – people, ideas, object. The quality of the connection is the key to quality per se.”
Charles Eames.

We believe in connections.

If creativity is about thinking in new ways, making new connections and coming up with innovative solutions to problems, we believe that teamwork and the collective genius of a group that is more than the sum of its parts. That’s the way to create applicable innovation.

That is why in HandZone is all about Connections:

bond between HIT students-alumnus's- academic personnel; faculties (engineering & Design); Israeli Industry & HIT academy.

Your moment.
Our Pride.

At the end of the six months program, the teams will be required to present the products they developed on a unique demonstration day to an exclusive community of investors, academic partners and business people who have the ability and desire to promote the developed product.

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הרגע שלכם
הרעיונות והיזמים
The Developers
That we want to nurture

Students, graduates, faculty members and private entrepreneurs.


Owners have a record in commitment to accelerated work within the program and their future customers.


That the success of their partners is importan. as their own success.


Confident in their ability to adapt and adopt a new reality in a short time.


Who know and can work, lead and bring real change in the team.


Who’s their head is up in the sky, but always leave one practical and purposeful foot on the ground.


Whose  have a burning passion for an idea that can change the  world.

The ideas 
we are interested in developing

In this round, we will focus on the development of ideas in the following fields:


Wellness, Health & Sport.


Which are in the preliminary pre-design stage.


Which provides a response to a real need and that behind them stands research based on real needs.


Which can combine a beautifully designed physical product with advanced hi-end technology.


Ability to become a basic product (MVP) in a short time.

Our ventures

On May 31, 2022, we celebrated the graduation of the HandZone 3rd Cohort, with great pitches in front of friends, family, investors & mentors from our promising 6 early-stage ventures.


This Cohort was attended by students and included graduate projects from various HIT faculties ranging in a wide variety of fields - computer science, engineering, design and more. With the accompaniment and leadership of our lecturers and mentors, and with the financial support we provided, the projects came a long way in their development.

For a brief overview of the ventures and contact details of the entrepreneurs, click on


Herewith a capsule description of the six projects of the 3rd cohort:

Liblab'z - An innovative therapeutic tool (app) for children between ages 3 to 6, to be used together with an instructor (a parent or a therapist). "Liblabz" encourages self-expressive and communicative abilities through guided stories, character dubbing and assigned tasks.


Minerva VR- Training and instruction using AR + VR technologies.


Pause- Corporate wellness platform that monitors alertness of those who sit long hours in front of the screen. By employing machine learning, the platform provides tools for creating a customized and more efficient workday.


ARBC- Development of AI & XR technology-based assistance tools for children with dyslexia. 


Schoolar- A smart AI web app, creating a unique ecosystem allowing for easy management of scholarship requests for students and organizations.

Tulip- Toddler mobility system for parents with limited mobility, using a versatile toddler seat that interfaces with the wheelchair.

WAVE # 2


The Corona did not overwhelm us and the second cycle of the HandZone acceleration program ended on 21.12.2020! In the spirit of the period, the Demo Day event took place in digital format, and was attended by over 70 people who expressed great interest in the seven projects that completed the  the plan.



The seven projects of the second cycle:


BoosTrip  The platform that allows you to increase your motivation and sporting achievements thanks to personalized music, in real time.

Core  Wearable smart 'personal trainer', for postpartum training, for restoring core muscle integrity and self-confidence. Allows postpartum women to really 'get back to themselves'. Which brings the user signal to calm down and regulate breathing in the busy routine of life.

EyeCan  Allow visually impaired and seniors to perform sports activities independently, with dignity and safety, in the world of swimming.

Heroes  An innovative digital platform that allows for custom-made sandals. The unique solution, which uses, among other things, 3D technology, creates a unique footwear experience that gives a Second Skin feeling.

Hof-Spot  A unique complex, integrates with the environment, which upgrades the experience of staying at the beach while creating a united community of beach lovers.

Crypto empty  A smart drug management system that provides people with a customized technology platform that incorporates a portable pill organizer designed and controlled by an interactive application.
Synergym.AI  An intelligent system based on AI technology, which applies proven psychological theories, with the aim of creating a culture and community in gyms, which leads to improved trainee achievements and customer retention.

WAVE # 1



The first round of the HandZone Acceleration Program ended on 27.01.2020 with a festive Demo Day event in which the six teams that took part in the program presented the ventures to 70 relevant investors and key people in the industry.


The six-month intensive program included frontal meetings, workshops and unique mentoring sessions and dealt with building business capabilities and product management, cultivating "soft" capabilities and standing up to investors.



The six projects of the first cycle:


Acron The safety solution for traveling in Micro-Mobility vehicles in the city - a smart helmet that fits in your pocket.

ANICCA The product that brings the user signal to calm down and regulate breathing in the busy routine of life.

EATSY A series of kitchen gadgets that allow you to cook with just one hand.

MY DAY  An app that allows people experiencing cognitive decline to maintain independence on a daily basis.

SUPER SET  A series of furniture that allows training at home without having to make extra space.

WOOOPY  The smart hoop that allows you to perform effective sports training while hanging out with friends.



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